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We are interested in understanding two-phase flow and heat transfer mechanisms for the safe and reliable design of high-performance thermal devices. Our research interests include boiling and condensation, high-heat-flux heat transfer, novel heat exchanger system, thermal management, electronics cooling, active flow control, and computational fluid dynamics.
We are looking for highly motivated postdoctoral scholars, graduate students (M.S., M.S./Ph.D. Combined, Ph.D.) and undergraduate students. If you are interested in studying in the heat transfer lab, please feel free to contact Prof. Sung-Min Kim.

Postdoctoral Position Available

A postdoctoral position is available in the heat transfer lab focused on thermal design of high-heat-flux heat transfer system. Experience with flow boiling, pool boiling, two-phase flow, phase change heat transfer, micro/nano-channel heat transfer, spray cooling, jet-impingement cooling, and computational heat transfer would be an advantage.
Highly motivated candidates should submit a research statement and curriculum vitae including names and contact information for three references to:

Ongoing Projects:

  • 특화연구센터: 무인기용 고효율 터빈기술 (국방과학연구소)

  • 중점연구소: 유동열관리 나노복합소재 설계 및 특성연구 (한국연구재단)

  • 산업기술 거점센터: 복합소재부품 동시설계 및 제조기술 (산업기술평가관리원)
  • LNG 펌프용 극저온 볼 베어링 및 터미널 헤더 기술 개발 (산업기술평가관리원)

  • 친환경자동차 부품개발 전문인력양성사업 (산업기술진흥원)

  • 고성능 열관리 시스템 개발 (현대자동차)
  • 냉각수 리저버 탱크 연구 (한온시스템)

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